Has Your Online Marketing Agency Flooded You with Leads?

Most online agencies talk about SEO and search engine position. They will allude to the traffic they can generate for your website. But precious few will talk about generating leads on a daily basis, unless you want to strictly pay-per-click. Don't get me wrong, pay-per-click should definitely have a place in your marketing mix if you want to generate substantial lead flow. The problem is, it souldn't be the ONLY viable solution to generating leads. That's because by its nature, pay-per-click campaigns are costly. Unless they are set up properly and managed on a daily basis, you can chew through your ad budget without achieving an acceptable ROI. Plus, pay-per-click campaigns are bought and sold on an auction basis. This virtually guarantees your costs are going to go up and the amount of leads they are going to generate for the same budget are going to go down. If you are tired of riding the pay-per-click roller coaster and want to find out how to generate more leads without breaking your ad budged, call us at (904) 410-2091 or hit the button below to request a Free Web Presence Analysis today.

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